This site is also your source for three clear, practical books and a series of free white papers on strategic performance management.


Conducting Assessments

Measuring Performance

Designing Metrics

Crafting Strategy



Our work is dedicated to those who want to execute strategy, measure performance, and improve business processes.

We believe these three activities are central to achieving sustained high performance in any business unit, functional area or workgroup. They are fundamental. And that’s why we are dedicated to helping organizations execute strategy, measure performance, and improve business processes.

At Measurement International, you'll find books and services to support:

  1) Setting and achieving strategic goals
  2) Establishing strong measures for managing performance
  3) Making core business processes better and cheaper.

Many factors contribute to sustained high performance. We believe these three—strategy, metrics, and processes—are the core of your essential infrastructure for sustained high performance.

About Measurement International

Measurement International offers you the exact resources your group needs to implement strategy, improve processes, and deploy the metrics necessary for balanced successful management. Our books, papers, tools and other materials are widely used in business, nonprofit and government organizations. We offer advisory services, speaking engagements, and project services to assist your organization with whatever aspects of this work you desire. We have a reputation for working positively and collaboratively with clients.

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