Part 1. The New Metrics
• A New Discipline
• The Balanced Scorecard
• Metrics & Leadership
• Evaluate Your Metrics

Part 2. What to Measure
• Measurement Models
• Defining Your Metrics
• Three-Step Method
• Sourcing Performance Categories

Part 3. Using Metrics to Improve Performance
• Reporting Performance
• Improving Performance
• Aligning Your Organization
• Managing Accountabilities

Part 4. Advanced Metrics
• Gaining Leverage
• Process Metrics
• Capability Metrics

Part 5. Issues to Anticipate

Part 6. Performance Management: Big Picture

Part 7. Resources & Glossary
Measuring Performance
Using the new metrics to deploy strategy and improve performance.
ISBN 0-9702471-1-7
Author: Dr. Bob Frost

In less than 100 pages, Measuring Performance offers a succinct, yet comprehensive, overview of strategy-based performance metrics and performance management. This easy-to-read book can be distributed to managers and executives or used as an invaluable workshop guide to assist in implementing and understanding the new metrics.

Measuring Performance is an essential primer that organizes and clarifies the emerging discipline of performance metrics. It includes sections on Balanced Scorecards, Evaluating Your Metrics, What to Measure, Defining New Metrics and more. For more about what's included, see the Table of Contents at left.

Measuring Performance provides the basics in a clear and practical style, and offers a number of examples drawn from the author's extensive experience with leading organizations.

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