Part 1. Introduction
• Strategy in Business
• The Work of Strategy

Part 2. Strategy Checkup

Part 3. Strategy Concepts
• Three Ways to Compete
• Product Life Cycle
• 5 Forces
• PIMS Research
• Competitive Advantage
• Sustainability
• Protective Barriers
• A New Look at Competitors
• Value Based Management
• Inventing the Future

Part 4. Tools and Methods
• SWOT Analysis
• Value Chain Analysis
• Basis Competition Analysis
• Scenario Mapping
• End User Scenarios

Part 5. Your Strategy Work
• Orchestrating the Process
• Planning and Preparation
• Decision Making
• Activating Your Strategy

Part 6. Conclusion

Part 7. References
Crafting Strategy
Planning how you will prevail over competitors and obstacles.
ISBN 0-9702471-0-9
Author: Dr. Bob Frost

Finally, there's a small, clearly-written book on strategy you can distribute to key people, or use in workshops. With only 110 pages, this book was written specifically to update busy leaders on contemporary ideas about business strategy.

Crafting Strategy organizes and clarifies the topic of strategy, with sections that focus on the concepts, the tools, and the processes for getting strategy work done in your organization. The chapters include Competitive Advantage, Sustainability, Protective Barriers, Value Based Management, Scenario Mapping, Activating Your Strategy, and many others. For more details, see the Table of Contents at left.

Crafting Strategy contains essential material on implementing strategy-based performance management. It is written for easy reading, so busy leaders can get a quick update. Crafting Strategy includes examples drawn from the author's extensive practical experience with leading organizations.

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