Part 1. Conducting Quality Assessments

Part 2. The Evidence

Part 3.The Assessors

Part 4. The Process

Part 5. Principles and Best Practices

Part 6. Useful Tools and Models

Part 7. Executing Assessment Projects
Conducting Assessments
Evaluating Programs, Facilities, Agencies and Organizations.
ISBN 978-0-9702471-3-1
Author: Dr. Bob Frost

Assessments are found in government, nonprofits, business, education, public administration, research and development, consumer products and elsewhere—wherever programs, facilities, agencies and organizations must be evaluated as to their success, impact, quality, performance, compliance, or other characteristic.

Conducting Assessments is a small, practical book that outlines the factors leading to reliable, valid and trustworthy assessments and evaluations. In addition to organizing and clarifying the basics about this field, Conducting Assessments covers assessment principles and methods, as well as the tools and processes employed by some of the most advanced practitioners. The goal of Conducting Assessments is to assist assessment sponsors and practitioners as they strive for valid, trustworthy assessments and offer provocative reading for students learning about assessments.

Various professions have developed principles and practices for conducting assessments. However these principles and practices have seen relatively little intentional transference across professions. In this book, we:

  1. Describe what high quality assessments have in common
  2. Outline the process of conducting assessments, and
  3. Discuss key principles and best practices culled from various fields
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